A Sixth Year of Blogging

I’m now completing six years of writing this blog. This year is on track to equal or very slightly surpass last year’s post total, even with the weekly column I’ve been writing for Tribality. This has been a momentous year for me in gaming and writing: I’ve gotten fairly steady freelance work through EN5IDER (six articles in 2016), I’ve sold a few PDFs through Tribality Publishing, and now I’m working on a piece for Seventh Sphere Publishing. My freelancing has brought in enough money to complicate our taxes. Most of all, this was the last full season of the Dust to Dust LARP campaign.

I like to include a list of games I’m running and games I am playing or have played recently, in the one time each year that I write about blogging.

Games I’m Running

  1. Dust to Dust: Technically, I have one more one-day event to run in the campaign, in January of next year. Then it’s done, and its conclusion cannot help but be as much of a watershed moment in my life as its beginning was.
  2. Aurikesh: This D&D 5e campaign has now run for four full years, since we started fairly early in the public playtest of D&D Next. This year, I began running sessions online for the first time, and some active players in the campaign only play in online sessions, while others only play in face-to-face sessions, and many play in either.


Games I’m Playing

  1. Eclipse is still the one LARP I play. (I expect to miss much of 2017, its final season, because we’re expecting our second child in January.)
  2. The Reborn campaign (5e D&D) ran several more sessions this year, and I’ve now gotten to play a cleric up to 6th level. (We’ve just reached 7th, but I haven’t played my first session at 7th level yet.)
  3. Kainenchen started a campaign (5e D&D) in her Liel setting, which I’ve commented on a few times in this blog. I hope we get to play more in 2017!
  4. I played Darkest Dungeon a good bit way back at the beginning of this year. I love this game and would like to get back to it.
  5. I played Sorcerer King and wrote a review of it.
  6. I’ve poured way too much time and attention into Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. It’s more compelling than I would have expected.
  7. I’ve played a lot more of Pokemon Go than I did of Ingress. Still enjoying it; new daily first-capture and first-Pokestop bonuses help.
  8. I played a few different games on the XBox One: Ori and the Blind Forest, Costume Quest 2, maybe something else?
  9. Oh, I finished the base game of Transistor, and played a teensy bit of the New Game Plus.

This list is very short, both because of the aforementioned freelance writing, and because the final season of Dust to Dust was incredibly demanding. I have a character in Samhaine’s Beyond the Wall game, but scheduling is a nightmare on my end. Who knows, maybe in 2017, I’ll play a bit.


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