Crafting System Design: Weaponsmithing, cont’d 2

The Weaponsmithing design laid out in my previous entry continues here. I’ve mapped out ideas for how a number of different recipes might progress, though I’m still not getting into specifics on the value of the materials or how much of each is required. I’m also adding options for the creator at some levels. Some of these options apply only to specific types of weapons: a slaying arrow can still only enchant an arrow, but that enchantment is part of the Bane Weapon progression.

Burning Weapon
Fiery (+2 fire damage)
Flaming (+1d6 fire damage)
Flaming Burst (Flaming, and +1d10 or higher burst on critical hit)

Electrified Weapon
Crackling (+2 electricity damage)
Shock (+1d6 electricity damage) OR Javelin of Lightning
Shocking Burst (Shocking, and +1d10 or higher burst on critical hit)

Frozen Weapon
Chilling (+2 cold damage)
Frost (+1d6 cold damage)
Icy Burst (Frost, and +1d10 or higher burst on critical hit)

Sonic Weapon
Wailing (+2 sonic damage)
Thundering (+1d8 or higher burst on critical hit, and target may be deafened) OR Screaming Bolt (applies only to crossbow bolts)
Cacophonous (+1d6 sonic damage, and Thundering)

Acidic Weapon
Bitter (+2 acid damage)
Corrosive (+1d6 acid; taken from the Pathfinder SRD)
Corrosive Burst (+1d6 acid and +1d10 or higher burst on critical hit) OR Dagger of Venom

Baneful Weapon
Hateful (+4 morale bonus to damage against one creature type)
Bane OR Vicious
Life-Drinker Greataxe OR Slaying Arrow
(Side note: I know that the Baneful Weapon progression needs something else in the Advanced slot, but I don’t have anything for it off the top of my head.)

Falcon’s Weapon (Ranged Only)
Trueshot (-10% miss chance from concealment, blur, displacement, entropic shield, or insubstantial, but not total concealment)
Distance or Returning

Spirit Weapon
Ki Focus
Ghost Touch
Mace of Disruption OR Spell Storing

Crippling Weapon
Brutal (+2 to confirm critical hits)
Wounding OR (Keen AND Brutal)

So that’s what I’ve got for Weaponsmithing to do with its time. The higher-end weapon enchants don’t belong here because, well, they’re out of the scope of what weapons should do in E6. I’ll mention also that the Specific Magic Weapons (such as the life-drinker greataxe) don’t receive their enhancement bonuses in my intended model.
Let me know what you think.

Edited to add: Doing the same for Armorsmithing is going to be much more difficult.

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2 thoughts on “Crafting System Design: Weaponsmithing, cont’d

  • Kainenchen

    Out of curiosity, why should the life-drinker enchant (in particular) be Greataxe Only? I ask, because I thought I had seen that enchant applied to other weapons before. Or I may be thinking Vampiric, which is another option, I suppose.

  • Shieldhaven

    Life-Drinker is not a standard weapon enchantment. It is a specific magic weapon. Why should it be this way? No reason that I can name, but this is what was written. (Also note, unless you have ready access to restoration, death ward, or similar effects, Life-Drinker is a really, really bad idea for PCs.)