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I’ve got a number of things available for purchase or download-with-subscription at this point, and I haven’t really promoted them in this blog as I should. Sure, some of them are linked over in the “Published Work and Reviews” page in the right-side column, but I think a lot of visitors haven’t even noticed it.

In order of release, then:
Dakrah’s Familiar” is a short story available as an e-book on I’m currently working on another story about Dakrah, his familiar, and their cabal. Dawn McLaughlin is the cover artist.

EN5IDER 42: Heroes of the Night is a PDF with three new archetypes for D&D 5th edition. The Wolfsblood Path introduces lycanthropic themes to the barbarian. The Haunted archetype gives a fighter a spectral companion, who aids the fighter’s allies in battle. The Pact of the Evil Eye grants additional options around casting hex. This PDF is available to supporters of ENWorld’s EN5IDER Patreon campaign.

EN5IDER 60: Sinister Spellbooks is a PDF with six new spellbooks – magic items that do more than just store your spells. The PDF also includes backstories and plot hooks for each of these tomes.

By Flame, Storm, and Thorn” is a PDF published by Tribality and available on DriveThruRPG. It offers three new archetypes for rangers in D&D 5th edition. The Lantern-bearer offers hope in the darkness or fiery vengeance. The Stormcloak strikes with the power of lightning and thunder. The Thornguard deploys devious devices in combat to afflict foes. All of these archetypes were first presented in this blog, and appear in a revised form in the PDF. The PDF is also free to all supporters of Tribality’s Patreon campaign.

Within the next month, I intend to launch a Patreon campaign of my own, linked to this blog. In addition to the kinds of content you’re used to seeing here and in my Tribality columns, I expect to offer things like boss fights, races for unique characters (that is, races for which the PC might be the only one in the setting), content from my Aurikesh setting, and other things as I develop new skills. I will invite patrons to propose topics or vote on which of several topics they would like to see next. Judging by the last five years and more of this blog, you can expect between three and six updates per month. I’m not sure what kind of backer level I’d set it to, but I may also offer occasional Roll20 sessions to patrons.

If you’re interested in supporting my work but don’t want to use Patreon’s ongoing model, there’s also a PayPal button. If you do, I will figure out something cool to do for you. (This includes the one person who has done so already – I haven’t forgotten you!)

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