Dakrah’s Familiar, and Posting on Tribality.com

Image by Dawn McLaughlin

Yesterday, I released my first ebook, a short story entitled “Dakrah’s Familiar.” It is available on the Kindle bookstore for $2.99. If you follow me on G+ at all, you probably spent a lot of yesterday hearing about this, because it’s a really big deal to me. I’ve added a Page to this blog, linked just below the About Me gadget, with my published stories and links to reviews. As of this writing, there’s one very kind video review by The Basics of the Game. I am incredibly excited for one of my stories to be out in the world, and simply giddy with delight at the cover art that Dawn McLaughlin created for it.
I also wrote my first post for Tribality.com. For… however long it takes, I’ll be writing a column over there that goes through each of D&D’s classes and examines how the class has changed from edition to edition, much as I did in this blog with the Ranger and Druid classes. Yesterday’s post was the first in a series on Bards. Once again, if you follow me on G+, you probably heard about this yesterday, but I beg your forbearance. Tribality is packed with great material if D&D 5e is of any interest to you.

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