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On suggestions from Stands-in-Fire, we worked out two more new healing-based Specialties. During character creation, one player wasn’t quite satisfied with the Artisan to cover being a full-time physicker, so I created the Physician Background as well. The mechanics probably have some rough edges that need sanding off, but I think the core concept is all right. (For example, I’m concerned that the Channeler may be too powerful.)


Channelers focus on the interplay and resonance of radiant and necrotic energies, as well as their internal balance of belligerent and benign emotions.. By deliberately engaging their own dual natures, they find that healing the wounded inspires them to vengeance, just as causing mortal harm inspires them to absolution.
In Aurikesh, Ychirra or Talend grant the powers of vengeance, while Tura Keshik or Talend grant the power of absolution. It may be possible to gain such powers from other sources as well.
Level 1: Divine Vengeance
As you mend your allies’ wounds, or your own, you deplete your benevolent nature – only by avenging your allies will you return to equilibrium.
Prerequisite: Able to cast at least one spell that heals hit point damage
Benefit: When you cast a healing spell, gain a Vengeance token, up to a limit of 4. These tokens last until spent or you take a short rest. When rolling damage for any attack, you may spend one or more Vengeance tokens to deal an additional 1d6 damage per token.
Level 3: Divine Absolution
The fire of battle within you can be turned to a powerful force for personal absolution and restoration.
Prerequisite: Able to cast at least one spell that causes hit point damage
Benefit: When you cast a spell that deals damage to an enemy and hit with that spell, but no more than once per round, you gain an Absolution token, up to a limit of 4. These tokens last until spent or you take a short rest. When rolling the healing effect for any healing spell, you may spend one or more Absolution tokens to heal an additional 1d4 damage per token.

Field Marshal

An expert in field command and leadership in the most dangerous of situations, your exhortations keep people fighting long past the normal limits of their endurance. Your own weapons training may or may not be the best on the field – what matters in a crisis is a loud voice and a clear mind.
In Aurikesh, any character with the Field Marshal Specialty is welcome in a warrior society, regardless of their actual base class.
As a Field Marshal, you gain the following feats at the given levels.
Level 1: Once More Unto the Breach
The aftermath of a battle isn’t for the faint of heart, but you can rally even those who are walking wounded to fight once more.
Prerequisite: Charisma or 11 or higher
Benefit: During a short rest, you may sacrifice a Hit Die to improve your allies’ recovery. This represents your physical and emotional exertion in restoring them. When your allies spend a Hit Die to regain hit points, they heal an additional d6 hit points per die they spend. You cannot sacrifice multiple Hit Dice in this way in a single short rest or long rest.
Level 3: Now for Wrath
When a battle is at its worst, there’s nothing to do but lead by example. Your own heroics in battle bolster their strength.
Benefit: As a free action up to once per round, you may alter your fighting style to be more showy and risk-taking. For every five full points of damage you deal with a melee weapon, one ally within 30 feet may heal a point of damage.


(not to be confused with the Physicker Specialty)
You have been formally trained in medicine, including after-treatment care. You are an expert in reading people, learning both what they wish to hide and what they do not realize about themselves. Like all formally-trained physicians, you have sworn the Physicker’s Oath, which states that you are united in brotherhood with one another, and must help one another whenever possible, you must first do no harm to your patients, you must teach what you know to others who have sworn this oath, and other similar clauses of the Hippocratic Oath. The law regards your bond of care for your patients as sacrosanct.
Skills: Diplomacy, Insight, Medicine (includes primitive forensic pathology)
Trait: Physicker’s Oath (carries both benefits in dealing with other practitioners of this trade and obligations to return the favor)
Suggested Equipment: Healer’s kit, healing potion, antitoxin, smelling salts, bloodstained frock, jar of leeches, 40 gp.

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