In which we clarify that which will be our matter

So, I’m currently in an odd in-between state with regard to employment that displeases me quite a lot, but provides me with lots of time. I filled the first few weeks of this time with, ah, market research. Best thing about being a game designer: it’s easy to justify buying and playing a huge variety of games. Similarly, the best thing about being a writer (especially a writer with misbegotten ambitions of being a novelist) is that I can justify buying and reading a huge number of books. (Here we run into a problem with multi-classing: it’s expensive to keep your implements for both classes up-to-date.)
WHEREFORE, I possess the following:
1. Time, & a Desire to Squander It;
2. Opinions, & a Compulsion to Share Them;
3. A Desire to Amuse an Audience, However Small; and finally
4. A Recognition that my Writing Will Be Improved Through Use,

THEREFORE proclaim it, Westmoreland, that I will endeavor to write at regular intervals about gaming. My blogging proceeds in what I hope will be an entertaining style, laden (as you see) with asides in the form of links. I will write about anything that pops into my head relating to games. This may include tabletop games, video games, board games, or LARPs. In keeping with one of my other blogs, I also invite questions.

Some ground rules:
1. I will not blog in that man’s company that fears his fellowship to blog with us.*
2. Even while sitting on the high horse of my aesthetics for gaming, I will not be a jerk. I will, at most, state my reasons for disliking a thing in a clear and concise manner. Fulmination in critique can entertain, but it continues the despicable decline of the broader discourse. This will not be easy for me, as I am… excitable, at times.
3. Rule 2 applies to those leaving comments as well.
4. Rule 4 and later rules will be announced as I discover the need for them.

* I have no idea what this denotes, in context. I assume that I will figure it out as my post-count increases.
And finally, an explanation: Harbinger of Doom comes from the t-shirt I wear to my D&D games. (Lest you think otherwise, this is also a way to make sure I run laundry every two weeks. I don’t wear it if it’s not clean.)

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