Secret of Vecna, by Paper and Dice

Ryan Shatford, otherwise known as Paper and Dice (@PaperandDice), offered to convert any monster from 4e to 5e for me, if he hadn’t already covered it. I picked the Secret of Vecna, which was presented as three separate monsters in 4e. I’m posting his excellent conversion work here so that […]

D&D 5e: Goblins with Subraces 9

In my Aurikesh campaign, the PCs have just gone to a demiplane called the Great Warren, which is purportedly the homeland of the first goblins. It’s tiny and entirely underground – as far as anyone can prove, the Great Warren has no sky. Maybe it is a splinter off of […]

Dragons of Aurikesh 6

In a recent Tribality article, I mentioned that dragons in Aurikesh are (usually) a combination of a chromatic and a metallic dragon type. For instance, there is copper-green dragon that the PCs recently met, fought, killed, negotiated with, and raised, in that order. Anyway, one of my readers asked about […]

D&D 5e: Six New Paladin Weapons 2

I got to thinking about the famous holy avenger swords and how, in 5e, they sort of suggest Oath of Vengeance paladins. Any paladin can use them, of course – even an Oathbreaker, though I imagine paladins everywhere would just as soon have you forget that. Anyway, I thought it […]

Fey Contracts 2

The Diabolical Deals section of Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus offers something that… frankly it’s kind of weird that we haven’t seen yet in 5e, where warlock is a core class: bargain-making guidelines. In this post, I’m exploring what a fey version of the same thing would look like. I’m […]

Lair Actions Everywhere 3

As part of a Very Special Episode of Edition Wars, Sam Dillon and I were talking about Player’s Option: Combat & Tactics, which includes random events at the start of every round that affect individuals or the whole battle area. I realized that in 5e, this could just get implemented […]

How to Write a Boffer LARP Module 2

Treasured Patreon backer Ryan McCorkle asked for a guide to writing modules for boffer LARPs. Since I freely acknowledge that there are others out there who can do better at this than I can, I hope the comments section will become a useful resource in its own right. For readers […]

Q&A with Harbinger of Doom 1

This post comes out of a request from Patreon backer Benjamin Ybarra. Many thanks to everyone who contributed questions! If you like this kind of quick-hit content, all you have to do is send me more questions, by whatever means seems best to you. Tomas Giminez (@TGiminezDM) asks: Which is […]

A Ninth Year of Blogging

Goodness, it has been another year. This year I started a Patreon, and for a small-time gaming blog, it does incredibly well thanks to the generosity of friends and readers. Blog traffic both here and over at Tribality bounced back after a fairly dismal 2018, likely the result of the […]

D&D 5e: Compelled Duel Issues 5

A couple of months ago, cherished reader Jonathan McGee asked me for my thoughts on the 1st-level spell compelled duel. At the time, my answer could be summed up as, “I’m not sure I’ve thought about it at all,” so I told him I would give it some work when […]