D&D 5e: Kaiju Battle as a Complex Trap 2

As you know if you’ve been following my work for long enough, I’ve spent a lot of time working on how to handle kaiju battles in D&D 5e. To spell that out a bit: I want something that uses the PCs’ combat abilities and mostly feels like a fight, but […]

Revised Archfey Patron 11

I’ve got significant problems with the existing Archfey patron that I haven’t been shy about. This isn’t even my first effort at overhauling the Archfey! The short version of the issue is that Fey Presence as a one-round charm/fear just… isn’t much. Misty Escape is a great per-short-rest get-out-of-jail-free card. […]

D&D 5e: New Cleric and Paladin Spells 11

I’m hip deep in editing and development work, which means that occasionally my brain needs a break to create some new stuff. Even after XGTE, TCOE, and Seas of Vodari, the higher spell levels are fairly slim pickings for clerics, so that’s what I’m hoping to deal with a bit […]

Warden of the Ancients Fighter Archetype 9

Like a lot of what I’m posting these days, this is content for Under the Seas of Vodari, written by me with a lot of development support from Shawn Ellsworth. It deals heavily in the setting lore, a little more of which you can see in this previous post. It’s […]

More Aquatic Magic Items 2

Aquatic magic items? Still a stretch goal from the Under the Seas of Vodari Kickstarter that I need to knock out, and this is the blog where I do that. Check out all of the Seas of Vodari content here on Harbinger of Doom. Narwhal’s Spiral Blade Weapon (longspike), rare […]

LARP Design: Five More Field Battle Models

Back in January, I wrote about five common field battle designs, and it sparked an interesting couple of days of conversation among my LARPing community. This time out, I’m talking about five much less common (but still highly reusable) models. Image by Christian Körtke from Pixabay 6. Long-Distance Escort If you also play […]

Five Magic Items from the Sea 1

Thanks to the backers of Under the Seas of Vodari’s Kickstarter knocking out a ton of stretch goals (yes you can still preorder! Click the link!), I get to write more magic items for the book. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that I […]

New Warlock Patron: Corruption in the Flame 6

This is a new draft of a warlock patron for Under the Seas of Vodari. It’s slightly changed from its initial appearance in my Patreon. Whether from above or below the waves, you have looked into the volcanic fires that flow from the beating heart of the world. What you […]

The Wizards Who Don’t Do Anything

Edited to Add: The incredible Aaron Good actually recorded a performance of this song. It is an unholy abomination and I am delighted beyond words. And now it’s time for “Silly Songs with Dalamar,” the part of the show where Dalamar comes out and sings a silly song. Joining Dalamar […]

A red plastic dragon mini menaces a gray plastic warrior mini.

Fifth Edition Power Creep? 4

This July marks seven years since the release of D&D 5e, though it feels like even longer than that since I’m still running the same campaign I started in D&D Next, with several original PCs still involved. That’s quite a respectable lifespan for a WotC edition of D&D, considering that […]